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Daily skin-care routine

Every day of the week is busy. In this busy schedule, daily skin care routine must be followed. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing are the basic three steps of a proper skin care routine. These also require scrubbing or exfoliating and extra nourishment. If any one of these rules is omitted in proper care, the skin loses its natural radiance, as well as various skin problems are seen. Everyone who is conscious of beauty should have a certain amount of time every day for proper skin care.


Cleansing is the first and most important step in skin care for healthy and glowing skin. All the dust and polluted smoke of the day accumulates on the skin and makes the skin lifeless. And there are thousands of problems like pimples, acne and bumps on tangled skin. So no matter what your skin type, you can never skip this step to keep your skin clean. For cleansing, you can use either oil cleanser or foam cleanser depending on your skin type.


Exfoliating or scrubbing is required after cleansing. Even after cleansing every day, our skin does not become completely flawless. Day by day the dead cells keep accumulating on the skin. Scrubs or exfoliators clean the dead cells in our skin and bring instant brightness to the skin. Various Sugar Scrubs work great for glowing skin. However, scrubbing every day will be the exact opposite for the skin. Exfoliating or scrubbing one or two days a week is enough. And if you skip this step of skin care on other days and go straight to the next step, there will be no problem.


After each cleansing, our skin loses some moisture. This requires toning. The toner completes the skin cleansing process, removing excess dirt that has accumulated on the skin. Not only this, with the help of toner you can close the open pores of the skin which is very important for the skin. Toner is also used to keep the skin hydrated by maintaining the pH balance of the skin. Hydrated skin is then more effectively absorbed by essences, serums or moisturizers. We get so many qualities in this one step, but many people skip this step due to laziness which is not at all appropriate.


Moisturizing to complete the skin care routine. Many people think that this step is only for dry skin. But not at all. There is no substitute for using moisturizers on dry skin as well as oily and sensitive skin types. Moisturizers moisturize and keep the skin hydrated. Keeps the skin soft and smooth as well as rejuvenates the skin by acting as an anti-aging agent. However, keep in mind that the moisturizer we use during the day must be rich in SPF.

Many people do not follow the steps of skin care step by step and do not get any results even after using many types of cosmetics. So, don’t make the mistake of following the skin care routine for healthy skin!

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