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Doe’s Your Skin Have The Winter Blah’s?

Winter doesn’t just take a toll on our bodies and mental health it also takes a large toll on our skin. With the reduced vitamin D from not having as much day light during the day time hour’s, our skin doesn’t get a large amount of nutrient’s it needs to stay glowing. If you have noticed your skin looking duller these last few weeks we have had of winter, your lack of Vitamin D could be the culprit.

In fact, vitamin D helps regulate normal calcium to be absorbed in our GI system. This can help prevent our bones from becoming brittle and thin. This nutrient can even promote cellar turnover, which helps improve our skin appearance. 

A large roll of obtaining Vitamin D is sunlight, but not how you might think. Many Doctors are sure to tell us that obtaining vitamin D from laying out in the sun or using a tanning bed. Sunlight plays a major role in helping your body to generate vitamin D, but not in the way you might think. Adding in a Vitamin D supplement or adding Vitamin D rich food to our diet’s are much more useful. According to NIH, males and females ages one to 70 requires 600 IUs (10 micrograms) of vitamin D per day. Solid food sources of the vitamin include cod liver oil, salmon, swordfish, vitamin D fortified milk, sardines, and eggs. As usual, if your are suspicious of a Vitamin D deficiency is behind your dull hair or skin please talk to a healthcare professional before altering any of your daily diet or supplement changes. 

Five Winter Skin Blah Steps To Improve Your Skin:

1. Drink more water! This is and always will be number one on my list as hydration plays a massive roll in our skin appearance and health.

2. Use a daily SPF to prevent sun damage! YES! Sun damage can still happen in the winter, from the sun reflection off the snow!

3. Have a healthy diet, I don’t mean living off of vegetable’s, but maintaining a balanced diet of all food group’s and allowing yourself to have the occasional treat of dark chocolate.

 4. Avoid using dirty products that contain carcinogen materials that can lead to cancer causing agents being infused into your skin. Insure you are using clean products that help promote wellness not only to your skin but you whole health.

5. Use a daily skin care routine to help maintain your skins wellness inside and out. I personally recommened

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