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Due to wear the mask of makeup is going to lose?

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The coronavirus has caused many changes in our lives. Now we have to put on a mask when we go out. But wearing a mask has such advantages on one hand and some disadvantages on the other. Especially for those who like to do makeup, using a mask has become a problem. Because covering the face with a mask is ruining the makeup. So today we will give you some tips that will make your makeup last longer.

Apply primer before applying makeup
Be sure to apply primer before applying makeup. Many people do not use primer before makeup. Makeup lasts a long time when the primer is applied. So, apply primer for beautiful makeup.

Use a waterproof foundation
Wearing a mask causes excessive sweating on the face. So, in this case waterproof foundation should be used, then the foundation will not come out of your mouth. Buy a waterproof foundation according to your skin type. You won’t even need to touchup repeatedly after applying it.

Set the makeup
It is very important to set the makeup after applying the makeup. You can use powder or spray to set the makeup. This will make your makeup last longer.

Use matte lipstick
Use matte lipstick. Applying matte lipstick does not make the lipstick rise or fall off quickly. So, if you use a mask, you can apply matte lipstick. You can use any matte lipstick.

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