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Skin Tones – Red uneven or blotchy

There are many reasons your skin can become red and blotchy from skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis flare ups to irritation from severe weather. Both of these conditions however; appear very similar when it comes to symptoms. Such as dry inflamed red blotches around the face.

The skin speeds up making skin cells named melanocytes to prevent the skin from becoming damaged from sunlight. Melanin is produced from the skin causing our skin to tan from sun exposure. However, the sun can make the melanocytes to progress unevenly which creates darker and lighter areas of skin.

There are ways to decrease the look of red areas and to help prevent the darkened areas from coming back or becoming worse over time.

Popular ingredients used to reduce these signs are retinol, vitamin c stem cells. These ingredients can increase the appearance of skin tone and complexion. Retinol increases cell renewal and vitamin c decreases the appearance of brown spots and improves skin complexion.

Over all safe sun exposure is key. Always use adequate sun screen protection on your face with a min of SPF 30 or facial moisturizer with Spf in it. For a glowing sun kissed look use a sunless tanner.

These skin imperfections took time to develop. It will take time to improve them as well. With well made skin care to use on a regular basis, along with good cosmetics your skins appearance will improve over time.

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