About Me

“I attribute my success to this:—I never gave or took an excuse.” ― Florence Nightingale

I am a full time community nurse, mother to a wonderful little guy who will be turning two in February, partner to a wonderful supportive man, and life long horse enthusiast. A few of my favorite things to do  is to spend time with my family, and friends. Although I do enjoy my quiet time from time to time reading a good book or escaping to the barn to spend time with my favorite horse Dallas.

About a year ago I decided I wanted to start helping others in the form of starting my own Skin care blog and providing solid information and care tips on our largest organ! SKIN!

It has taken me a year to develop this website and start getting my thoughts written down. I am so pleased to finally be able to share this with you all!

My goal for this blog is to reach as many individuals as possible who need help in developing, maintaining and achieving great skin!