Skin in 1, 2, 3…

Skin is our largest organ on our bodies, that is why it is important we take care of it just as we would our health and wellness. In order to do this we require three basic elements to maintain and achieve healthy skin.


By maintaining our daily intake of water by drinking 8-10 glasses (8oz) a day we are supplying our bodies with the nutrients it needs in order to replenish our skin cells, it is also helping to reproduce collagen which is a key building block in our skin. During the aging process our collagen levels can decrease causing a noticeable difference in our skins appearance. 

Even though water is hydrating and restoring when ingested, when our superficial skin is exposed to water, hot water especially, it is important not to dry out the skin. Actions such as showering too often, cleansing your face, and hand washing can break down our natural barrier on our skin. If any of these actions are necessary often to re introduce the proteins, fats and oils needed for proper maintenance by applying moisture back into the skin.


Sun damage is a major factor with the ozone having holes in it now, the sun rays are stronger and more damaging then in our grandma’s day. Daily application of SPF year round is important to decrease¬†harmful sun exposure causing damage to our skin. Most skin care products these days are found with a SPF 15 min in them for our face in order to reduce the damage done from the sun exposure. By ensuring this it is one less thing we need to remember before going outside for the day, and ensures us that we are taking the right steps in order to protect our skin.


Ever heard the saying ” We are what we eat…” well, it’s true. By eating fresh fruit and vegetables rich in vitamins and nutrients it helps us to maintain our skin looking and feeling strong and beautiful. Vitamin C enriched foods, help to maintain a radiant glowing complexion, while reducing fats and sugars allows our bodies to maintain healthy cellular regrowth and balance.