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Take a look at the tips for keeping the skin looking good after using the mask for a long time

Take a look at the tips for keeping the skin looking good after using the mask for a long time

1) If you sweat on your face, clean it quickly
The skin has tiny pores called pores. If oil and dirt accumulates in the face of this pore, the natural oil of the skin called sebam cannot come out from inside. This sebum then accumulates inside the pores, causing an infection and redness in that area of ​​the skin. Many times pain or itching also starts. For those who have acne easily, this part of the body becomes acne-filled and painful. So wash your face with oil-free facewash as soon as possible from the outside and apply a light moisturizer.

2) Apply sunscreen on the face before wearing the mask
Being out in the sun can cause skin burns as well as redness, rash and itching. Sunlight helps the body make vitamin D. However, being in the sun for a long time is harmful for the skin and health. Sunscreen protects the skin and protects the skin from sun damage. So be sure to apply sunscreen before wearing the mask.

3) What you must do after opening the mask
As a result of the skin’s reaction to the ingredients used to make the mask, there is a risk that the skin will easily turn red or rash. Especially those whose skin is sensitive, they seem to have no end of problems. So come from outside and remove the mask as soon as possible. If you don’t have a one-time mask, soak it well in cold water for a while. Then wash it according to the rules. If you have redness on the skin, clean your face well and use a good moisturizer or soothing gel quickly. Aloe vera gel works like magic to remove redness of the skin.

4) Change the type of mask when using the mask for a long time

Wearing a mask makes you feel uncomfortably hot on your face, but this idea can be wrong. Often not masks, the fabric or material you are using may be the cause of your skin discomfort. You may be allergic to any ingredients. So change the type of mask. Try to use masks made of matching and comfortable fabrics.

5) Use a mask scarf and sunglasses for a long time
Due to wearing a continuous mask for a long time, the color difference can be understood in different parts of the skin. Since there is no way to refrain from using a mask, try to use a scarf and sunglasses when going out in addition to the mask. This will also protect other areas of the skin from sun damage.

6) Ice cubes can be your friend
Ice Cube –

Don’t forget to massage your face with ice cubes at least once a day! Massage the ice cubes on the skin of the face with empty hands for 5 minutes. Then wash with normal water and apply toner and moisturizer. If you want, you can also make ice cubes with cucumber juice. If you have irritation and redness on your skin, it will be reduced, the skin will be fresh and free from acne.

3-Ply Surgical Masks (5 pcs)
Here’s how to put one together for use with your mask and how you can protect your skin. As important as it is to ensure our safety at the end of the day, the beauty of the skin will be intact if you take care of the skin in these ways! Stay healthy, stay well.

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