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Why teenagers need skin care?

Pimples, excessive dryness or oily feeling, dark patches !!! These are common problems in teens. But skin care from the age of thirteen or fourteen! The pH balance of the skin will be lost, at this age, the skin becomes bad with age. In teens, you just wash your face with water. We keep hearing that around! But you know, from this age onwards, it is very important to properly clean the face, moisturize the skin, use sun protector and start basic skin care. Not to mention, prevention is better than cure. If care is taken in advance to keep the skin healthy, it will not have any adverse effect on the skin even with age. Let’s not know then why teenagers need skin care.

Why is teen skin care important?

1) If the oil and moisture content in the skin layers is right, the skin looks healthy. We all know more or less how important hydration is for the skin. But do you know where oil balance is needed?

Skin layer oil prevents our skin from losing moisture from the surface layer. The skin can not be dehydrated.
The skin’s natural oil retains elasticity, making the skin look softer from the outside.
If the oil balance is low, then it has an effect on the barrier layer of the skin, such as dryness, acne, redness, fine lines and many more!
Therefore, it is important to take skin care from this age to keep the oil and moisture balance.

2) We all know that teenage body changes a lot. At this time, due to hormonal changes, many problems are seen in the skin, many pores become bigger, the rate of secretion of sebum increases. If the skin is not cleaned properly, the level of dead cells with sebum can get worse.

3) As a result of going out every day, the heat and dust of the sun do a lot of damage to the skin. It is not possible to remove impurities from the skin just by washing with water. Dirt from the deep layer of skin needs to be cleaned.

For these reasons, you should take proper skin care from your teens.

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