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“You Are What You Eat…”

No word of a lie, we all got told this or something like it growing up. Well, fact has it, that it isn’t that far from the truth. Certain foods contain nutrients and minerals that improve our over all well being.

By eating junk food and pre packaged foods that don’t contain vegetables, fruits or healthy grains is not doing your body any favours or your skin for that matter.

By eating foods that are beneficial to our body such as vegetables, fruits, healthy grains, nuts, and seeds. We are fuelling our bodies to digest, process and eliminate the foods properly. Allowing our bodies to use what it needs from the food before eliminating it.

This allows the healthy parts of the nutrients to be retained for over all health along with healthy skin, nails and hair.

Trade in those potato chips for some fresh fruit or veggies and those morning coffee runs for a smoothie and see the changes it makes over the next month. You’ll be happy you did.

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